NeoGraft® Surgical Hair Restoration

Birmingham Hair Restoration Doctor Michael Beckenstein is pleased to offer the NeoGraft® Surgical Hair Restoration technique, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, to his patients dealing with significant hair loss. Doctor Beckenstein was the first Hair Restoration Specialist to bring NeoGraft® to Alabama. This means that he and his staff have more experience working with it than any other Hair Loss Clinic in the country. If you are considering several different types of hair restoration surgeries, consider the many benefits of NeoGraft® offered by Michael Beckenstein, M.D. The procedure provides you with a fully restored hairline and your own natural hair with minimal pain or recovery time.

NeoGraft® vs. FUT

With Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), which is the original hair restoration surgery, a Hair Restoration Doctor removes a strip of skin from the back of the scalp and immediately sutures the wound. He or she then extracts hair follicles from the donor strip and prepares them for transfer to areas of baldness on the scalp. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the alternative to this procedure. This does not require the removal of a donor strip, but it can leave several one-millimeter circular scars on the back of your scalp from the extraction process. The way most doctors use FUE involves a long and tedious process of follicle extraction. Doctor Beckenstein’s process is actually a variation of FUE.

NeoGraft®, offered exclusively in Birmingham Alabama by Doctor Beckenstein, offers the same natural-looking results without the need to remove skin or the possibility of linear or circular scarring. Michael Beckenstein, M.D. controls the FDA-approved machine that extracts donor hair follicles with no scalpel incisions whatsoever. Each follicle that he removes with NeoGraft® contains between one and four individual hairs. He then transfers them to tiny slits on top of your head where you are missing hair. The steps involved and the results are similar to FUT, but Doctor Beckenstein uses different procedures to achieve the final results.

Benefits of Choosing NeoGraft® for Hair Transplant Surgery

NeoGraft® is significantly safer than FUT because it does not require a strip excision of the scalp. He manually programs NeoGraft® to remove the desired hair follicles instead. The procedure requires only local anesthesia and can be completed in one session. This makes recovery faster in addition to substantially reducing your out-of-pocket costs. You experience only minimal bleeding when Birmingham Hair Restoration Doctor Michael Beckenstein removes your hair follicles. Finally, you can choose to wear your hair short after the NeoGraft® procedure since it does not leave a scar.

How it Works

NeoGraft® uses pneumatic pressure to extract your hair follicles, which means that it is a no-touch method. Because of this, the follicles experience less trauma and there is a higher survival rate after extraction. Once Doctor Beckenstein has completed this part of the procedure, he separates the hairs into units and implants them on the balding areas of your scalp. It is important to understand that the transferred hairs are not permanent. Although they fall after a few days or weeks, the transplant process stimulates the hair follicles to produce natural, healthy hair several months after the procedure. The small size of the follicles used for transfer produces seamless results that boost both your self-confidence and your appearance.

Request a Consultation to Learn More About NeoGraft®

Men with male pattern baldness are often prime candidates for the NeoGraft® hair transplant surgery. We encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with Michael Beckenstein, M.D. to learn if this procedure is right for you. He will meet with you one-on-one to answer all of your questions, which can take place at his Birmingham Alabama office or by video conference.

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